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20 February 2019

Architects Design Schools with Security in Mind

Joplin High School was completed in 2014. When designing the campus, Greer said the firm “placed glass in very key locations that allowed for good sight lines so that anybody that was approaching the facility felt like they were being watched and gave an opportunity for them to actually be...

14 February 2019

Architects taking new approach to school safety, security

Best practices for school safety and security today go beyond the traditional steps such as locked doors and security cameras, said a school architect. Security is beginning to include a "psychological approach." ...

09 May 2018

ShowMe the Ozarks Magazine Showcases CGA

Check out the May issue of ShowMe The Ozarks Magazine for a full spread featuring the CGA team and our long history of incredible projects! ...


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May | 17 | 2018

Riverton Gym Progress 2

Look at that blue! The Riverton High School expansion is coming along nicely.

Feb | 03 | 2017

Riverton Gym Progress

It's always exciting when a project gets to this point--- where you can start to see it's volume and size!